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Steve Garvey's Campaign Announces 2023 Fundraising

Feb 06, 2024 04:42PM ● By Matt Shupe, Praetorian Public Relations News Release

LOS ANGELES, CA (MPG) - Baseball legend Steve Garvey's campaign for the US Senate announced its 2023 year-end fundraising report recently.

Garvey's campaign raised $610,920.86 from approximately 4,5000 individual donors between Oct. 10, 2023, and Dec. 31, 2023.

“In just two and a half months, the momentum and support for Steve Garvey’s campaign, along with its rocket-like rise in the polls demonstrates that he is resonating with Californians," said Matt Shupe (@MattShupePR), spokesman for the Garvey campaign. “While Steve Garvey in the first months of his campaign didn’t match the substantial funds raised, through the Washington D.C. establishment, over the course of years, by the career politicians in this race, it's Steve's commitment to common-sense and compassionate solutions along with his genuine connection with the people of California that truly sets his campaign apart. In January alone, Steve Garvey has matched his total 2023 Q4 fundraising. The dynamics of this race to beat Steve Garvey will only intensify the closer we get to Election Day."

Garvey launched his campaign on Oct. 10, 2023, just three days after the horrific attack on Israel on Oct. 7, and with just a little over two holiday months left in the year.

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